Buyers Tip#3 : Home Inspection

Buyers Tip#3 : Home Inspection

Hi folks, alexander piana here the piana team,
Talking you guys today about tip #3 for buyers today and purchasing in today’s market.

Tip #3 talk about Home Inspection and how important to you a home inspections is in today’s market more than anytime, it is important to do home inspection, the reason of being is many homes today has been (remodeled), have been painted, put some new flooring and they really looked from the first sight or first impression that they are actually a very nice and a very clean home. but with the home inspection really get a chance to look underneath the home and check the bones of the home to make sure the plumbing the appliances and all the system are really working the way it need to be.

Many time i have experience a beautiful home from the outside and even from the inside, you take all that to home inspection and you see it completely a different home.

So tip#3 take a look at your home inspection and make sure you look in, into that home inspection inside and out,understand that there are some things there that’s going to be cosmetic and what we really need to focus on is a functional like i said the appliances, the systems of the home, the roof, the electrical, plumbings things that are make sure both need to be addressed,
make sure they are working in order before you purchase your home.
Alexander Piana The Piana Team Experience Results.

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