Buyer Tip #4 : Knowing Your Area

Buyer Tip #4 : Knowing Your Area

Hi Folks, Alexander Piana here, The Piana Team

Talking about tip #4 for buyer purchasing in today’s market in today’s market,.

Tip #4 is about knowing your area during the the day, during the weekends, during the weekdays.

Understand that are inside and out in anytime. Sometimes agent like myself might tell you that “hey I’ve sold this area before and from what i know its a safe area” but at the same time i know that i haven’t been obviously live in that neighborhood, so make sure you understand that area best as you can and drive by and know whats happen during those different time of hours.

To which make sure to take a look in the neighborhood regards to the school, freeway access, restaurants and shopping.

In the future you might want to keep this property as a rental property knowing that there are community college down the street, it might help you out to get a future renting.

Alexander Piana, The Piana Team, Experience Results

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