Buyer Tip #1 is Pre-qualification Process

Buyer Tip #1 is Pre-qualification Process



Hi folks, Alexander Piana here The Piana Team,
I want to talk about to you guys about 5 tips of buying a home in todays market.
Tip #1 is Pre-qualification process, in this blog we’ll be talking about this.

So basically Pre-qualification process consist of you meeting with your lender and undertsanding what your numbers are. Your number is basically what you’re approved for, what your mortgage payments gonna be, what’s your interest rates gonna be, what’s your down payments gonna be and what your fees and costs gonna be on doing that loan.

Understand that whole process on getting pre-qualified will save you a lot of time, a lot of headaches sometimes if you don’t do that prior on finding that home. Sometimes we fall in love over that particular home and we haven’t been pre-qualified yet and then we get kind of crushed to figure out oh no i cant afford that kind of home, i need to look at something a little bit different, so knowing your numbers getting pre-qualified in advance, will save you alot of  headaches sometimes and this is tip #1.

Alexander Piana, The Piana Team. Experience Results.

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