Attention Sellers: Now is the time to Sell and Buy, by The Piana Team

Attention Sellers: Now is the time to Sell and Buy, by The Piana Team


Hi folks, Alexander Piana here from The Piana Team.


i want to talk to you guys a little bit on what im seeing right now in the market here in july. Actually june july and going for august we are seeing a very common trend in contingent buyers, meaning giving  you a little definition of what contingent buyer is, its someone that’s looking to sell one property to get in into another usually for looking to make a shift lets say from a condo to a single family from a smallest single family to a larger single family now is the time to do it.


People are capitalizing about the interest rates right now harboring still at 4% . Its a great time if youre considering to sell your home that you might be mind about grown in the family getting too big and now getting that larger home.


I did about 6 transactions just like this contingent buyers in the least 6 months, its very popular right now and now is the time to do it. On the summer months obviously is the ideal time for putting your home on the market and getting top dollar for your home and at the same time capitalizing on the interest rates for your future purchase.


So if you guys want more information on potentially sell your current home buying that future property, that larger home maybe its a move down situation, maybe you are looking empty nester situation, you want to get something that had  more downsized like 2 bedroom ,3 bathrrom and get rid of that 5 bedroom home. Now is definitely the opportunity to take  advantage of that.


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Alexander Piana, The Piana Team.

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