Alexander Piana has been a Realtor for the last 11 years in the local Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside County areas. His clients consist of first-time buyers, investor, and sellers are looking to buy up or buy down from their current existing home.

Alexander Piana and The Piana Team are based in Anaheim Hills and work under the Broker David Romero @ Century 21 Award.

Alexander graduated in 2003 from Cal State Fullerton in which he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business. Being in the real estate industry for over 10 years, Alexander was mentored by his mother, Eugenia Piana a Hall of Fame Centurion Award Winner for over 23 years. Alexander Piana worked in the lending industry prior to Real Estate for more than 5 years. He worked the retail and wholesale for a lender in the Irvine area. Alexander also works the REO (Real Estate Owned) market, listings and selling homes for Banks like One West Bank and IndyMac Bank.

Alexander is a strong believer in the true power and benefits of Home ownership. Having purchased his first property at 24 years old, he understands that through homeownership, comes a gateway for many people and/or families to move forward in their lives. It’s a great opportunity and actual savings account for one’s family. Moreover, it’s a great an investment that “forces savings” on to those that might not do well when it comes to saving on their own. Not only is it a Savings account, but a great instrument for amazing Tax benefits and write offs that one wouldn’t get if they didn’t own their own home.

Not only is Alexander a Realtor but also a landlord and manager of properties in the Anaheim Hills area. When working with clients looking for Rental property, Alexander can personally explain the huge benefit of owning rental property.

Lastly, Alexander is well connected with the Investor Clients looking to “FLIP” properties for profit. Recently, he has worked Investor Workshops in the Anaheim area for top investor Nick Vertucci. Yet Alexander is works closely with smaller investors looking to make their first investment purchase. Moreover, Alexander has partnered together on several investment purchases himself and completely understands the mindset the true investor needs to have in order to make a profit in this type of investment purchase.

When it comes to Marketing, Alexander Piana has an extensive 21 Point marketing Plan to market his listings. In some specific situations, Alexander understands that some homes do require specific marketing strategies and techniques in order to sell them, and adjusts his marketing according.

When selling homes, Alexander has learned from his mentor Eugenia Piana, that the traditional way of marketing such as door nocking a neighborhood near a listing and communicating with the local community is very important to getting that property SOLD. We have found out that roughly 70% of the time when a home comes up on the market, someone from that local area will be the purchaser of that home, either being a family member, coworker, or friend of someone that area lives in the same neighborhood.

Yet, Alexander Piana and the Piana Team also have a strong focus on what is “cutting edge” when it comes to technology and Advertising homes. With advances in Virtual tours, Videos, property website links, QR Codes, Social media exposure, and mass media implementation, The Piana Team understands that is extremely important to maximize EXPOSURE on one’s home, in order to get a property Sold FAST and for TOP DOLLAR.
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Some of the top mentors and people he gets his inspiration from in life are the following:
Chadi Bazzi
Tom ferry
Mike ferry
Eric Jordan
Anthony Robbins
Zig ziglar
FLloyd Nightingale
Malcolm Gladwell
Flloyd Whitman,
Brian Tracy
Napoleon Hill
Jim Rohn

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